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Please introduce yourself

Re: Please introduce yourself

Postby ElleBM13 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:17 am

Hey everyone, long time lurker here but I finally decided to make an account! I'm not a mommy but love watching and gossiping :D
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Re: Please introduce yourself

Postby Steps_to_STFU » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:02 am

Hello, I was searching Google for a group of people who disliked all the family vloggers as much as me and it pointed me here. Happy to find that I am not alone. My top most disliked are :

Steps to Wander ( I refuse to call them their stupid new name. He's a spoiled whiney douche and she's a clueless nitwit. Together they form one stupid lump of uselessness)

OKbaby (Oscar is a mentally abusive narcissist with small penis syndrome. Don't get started on their spawn.)

Britandbaby (self absorbed moron who thinks very highly of herself. Clearly trying to prove she isn't like her mom and gran. Never getting married and salty about that but tries to act like she doesn't care. You care Brit you care. We all see how much you care.)

2011teenmom ( what a fucking train wreck. I mean yikes. I am starting to think she's a little slow she's so Damn stupid. )

Those are my Top ones I watch and cringe at daily. I still can't believe they have fans.. and each have the worst Merch on the planet. Looks like the made it in Microsoft paint.
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Re: Please introduce yourself

Postby AprilLady » Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:59 am

I'm Kristin, mother of a cute little baby girl Lexi. She is 3 years old and have started going to a nearby Montessori preschool. When she is back she is all active and excited to tell me all the things that she has done today. Ha!! what am I saying. won't all kids be the same right??

And am here to share my doubts and experiences and to hear yours. :)
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Re: Please introduce yourself

Postby bellatrixx » Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:18 pm

Hi everyone! Long time lurker finally wanting to join the conversation! :)
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Re: Please introduce yourself

Postby spacekase777 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:07 pm

Hi, like alot of you im a looonnnnggg time lurker. Im happily married with 5 kids. I am a cosmetologist but am currently taking a break to be a SAHM until my youngest starts prek next year :) And i love me some good ol' Jesssfam drama lol
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Re: Please introduce yourself

Postby Bundy » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:39 pm

Aussie Mum of 2 (pregnant with number 3).
Long time lurker, I always find myself here wondering if I am the only one that thinks about certain things when watching the YT mums!
Glad to be able to contribute now ☺️
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Re: Please introduce yourself

Postby XoxoGossipGirl » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:00 pm

I'm also a longgggg time lurker who finally made an account! I'm not a mommy yet (hopefully soon <3 ) but I watch so many YT families
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