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New Smilie Requests [Q for BipolarMorgan]

Do you have the next great idea for YTMD? Do you want to see if a font can be added? Requests for updates, new features or new ideas will be heard here please.

New Smilie Requests [Q for BipolarMorgan]

Postby lovethispage » Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:38 pm

I read and post on the Gardner quad squad- Trainwreck Unfolding. Thanks for the main page placement by the way. When gomi (I joined gomi as the thread was not very active here) we directed everyone here via TLC's FB page. There wasn't much activity at first but then we stared to blow up. I predicted to everyone we would get on the main page soon!!

My question is about a potential emoji or smilie. First I'll give you background so you will realize our need for this obtrusive little fellow. We basically have the word "ass" in most all of our nicknames for this couple because in all aspects of their lives they are absolutely, complete, utter assholes. And now the husband is seen frequently jumping in the pool cannonball style and his lower back is shaped like an ass. I'm sure you can see the need for this now with the mental picture I have given you :) It would be fitting to have an smilie that is bending over and showing their bare ass. It could be any kind of character (not picky here) it just needs an apparent ass to show. It doesn't even need to bend over. What ever is easiest.

Our group enjoys and uses a lot of smilies. So I was wondering what does it take to get one of this caliper? Is it a big deal? Has this ever been requested? What do you think are the possibilities?


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