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TheNiveNulls: Austin on Trial, Britt in Denial - Part Three

Re: TheNiveNulls: Austin on Trial, Britt in Denial - Part Th

Postby Belladonna » Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:41 pm

lmmomSD wrote:
Lyanna wrote:sorry but what does being unapologitically black means? I'm not being ironic I'm really wondering
I think what op was referring to was that it was discussed here that Britt seemed to almost be ashamed of her heritage. It's hard for me to say, because I'm white. So it's not something I can really speak to. But I remember it being talked about. Maybe Austin was subtly putting her down (even though he married her) and making her feel "less than" because she's African-American?

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ImmomSD described it pretty well but basically it means that she appears to be embracing her heritage and not toning it down to please others like she used to. I can't exactly comment on that either as I'm not black (or white). But she just seems to be rocking who she is so much more now and i think it really puts into perspective how much Austin was holding her back.
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