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Please read the RULES First!!

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View the latest post New Rule/Contacting CPS: MUST READ!

Hi all,

First of all, thank you for coming to check this out. It is important to us that you all read this.

We have a serious problem on one particular thread here. However, I wanted to make sure that everyone sees this so we can avoid this issue in the future.

Unfortunately, some users have taken it upon themselves to decide that it is perfectly acceptable to contact Child Protective Services and then proceed to post about it, encouraging others to do the same. This has caused the moderators an influx of concerned messages. Due to this issue, we have a new rule:

CPS is NOT to be contacted under any circumstances UNLESS you see obvious signs of abuse or neglect.

Now, in addition to this new rule there is some more information that you need to be aware of...

* If you do think CPS should be contacted, please take the time to read this link: CPS Criteria If you have legitimate claims, you should contact CPS but do it privately. If you care enough about this situation, you will have no reason to post about it.

* You are not to contact a YouTuber on personal social media, via email, etc. I do understand why some of you did contact this particular YouTuber, but please do not continue to do so.

* The moment you mention you're going to call Child Protective Services and you do not have legitimate proof that there is a reason to contact CPS, you will be permanently banned. No questions asked.

* Child Protective Services has thousands of cases to deal with daily. Please do not waste their time. They will not even consider your claims if you call and tell them that you saw something on a YouTube video unless you have screencaptures of (again) obvious signs of abuse or neglect.

I do not care how much you dislike a YouTuber. There is no reason for this. If you truly care about the well-being of a child then you need to consider that if your plan does come to fruition that this child will be taken from their home, their parents, etc. and potentially placed in a foster care system where bad things can also happen. Is that your ideal outcome? You need to think twice, and think very seriously about this before you contact CPS.

We want this site to continue to be a place where you can (pretty much) freely discuss YouTube. That will not happen if this keeps up. In order to keep this site alive and well, we need to have some serious consequences.

If this behavior continues and you think that it is “okay” to contact CPS without any legitimate proof of abuse or neglect the following will happen:

1. users will be banned and boards will be censored until we're sure that you're capable of using these threads for their intended use.
2. If it STILL continues, threads will be locked permanently in addition to users being banned.

The purpose of this site is not to put YouTubers in jail, remove their children from their homes, etc. It is to discuss the content that is uploaded by these YouTube moms. We will not pat you on the back for contacting CPS so please do not even think about bringing that idea over here.

We appreciate those of you who follow the rules and alert us when someone is breaking them!

Thank you for your cooperation!

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