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Glucose test? "Protein" food?

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Glucose test? "Protein" food?

Post by MamaJoAnna » Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:04 pm

So I feel like a total dummy for asking this :lol: But I'm desperate...I don't want to screw this up.

I was bigger pre-pregnancy...so with the baby growing I'm sort of maintaining weight? (He's taking some of my fat, which Mama appreciates verrrry much lol). But I am scared to DEATH of gestational diabetes, because "lifestyle changes" in terms of food and I have never worked out, and I don't want to put my son in any danger health-wise.

I have my 1-hour glucose test at the end of the month and am hoping to pass. I am not presently "normally" diabetic, apparently not even close according to every blood sugar reading I've ever had. I'm seeing a lot of "Google research" (thank you GabeandJesss gossipers LOL) that says eating protein instead of carbs is better for the test...but what the heck do I eat?

I have my test at a less than optimal time - 1:20 PM - and my doctor told me not to eat two hours before the test. So that leaves me with simply breakfast to tide me over until more than likely close to 3:00...maybe a snack as well? But again, it raises the question...what do I eat? I see eggs are a good source of protein so I will definitely go with those, but is there anything else I could eat?

And last question - what did you do to entertain yourselves for 1-3 hours on test day? I plan on bringing a book to read, maybe a puzzle book to do (if I don't finish it by then - soooo addicting lol), and thankfully the doctor's office has wi-fi, but any other ideas are appreciated. Thanks ladies! <3
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