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Patricia Bright/BritPopPrincess/BritPopLife

Post by hanna_marie » Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:00 pm

Does anyone else watch Patricia Bright's videos or her vlogs with her husband and baby?
I've watched them for quite a while and have liked them, but recently some things have started to irritate me.
1) The baby voices both the parents do to their baby (though I suppose everyone's baby voice is annoying except your own). The husband always tells the baby to 'be quiet sweetheart! We're trying to make a video!' I know it's only meant in a jokey way, but still irritating.
2) They recently renovated their house and made a bedroom in the attic, yet now they're hunting for their 'dream house', with no explanation to viewers??
3)They celebrated their daughter's 6 month 'birthday' by taking her to a posh London restaurant. Seriously? Couldn't they take her to a play barn or something else she'd actually enjoy?

I just feel like they've met the point that most youtubers eventually do... when they do things without telling viewers or don't explain things to viewers, or just completely become completely unrelatable because they get sent loads of freebies, have extravagant cars and can afford to do their weekly shop in places like Waitrose or Marks & Spencer.

I don't know... am I being unreasonable?
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