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JesssssFam: Addie Whining, Bad Driving & Poor Timing (Pt116)

Re: JesssssFam: Addie Whining, Bad Driving & Poor Timing

Postby itslove » Thu Aug 02, 2018 5:28 pm

hopelesslysoulful wrote:Even if the staff tried to correct Landon, Jess seems like the type of person who would yell at the employee for telling her kid to do something. A real “get me your manager” type of lady. And then make a clickbait title “Employee YELLS at my SON?!?”

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This is all I pictured

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Re: JesssssFam: Addie Whining, Bad Driving & Poor Timing

Postby BaileyBoo12 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:11 pm

Elle Woods wrote:I know I am a video behind yet I had to post this about the six flag video. #1 they did take a stroller for all the people who are mad that they didn't. #2 Mimi clearly said she couldn't hold Addie yet Chris just hands her over to her. #3 Landen isn't even properly secured on this ride. He is under the bar yet she allowed him to go on several times. They are really lucky he didn't fall out.

Ive been on this ride and thats not a lap bar meant to secure you, it doesnt move at all, its basically just a handle to hold on to plus the ride does have seatbelts.
But its just a log ride, all it does it go up and then down that one small drop. I dont know about you, but every log ride ive ever been on does not even have seatbelts and the drops are twice as big.
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Re: JesssssFam: Addie Whining, Bad Driving & Poor Timing

Postby dancingfireflame » Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:26 pm

DoodleBop2 wrote:Jess may cast her mind in the future OMG one day Lilia might have 5 grandbabies for me or OMG they're not babies but she's not preparing to have 5-7 teens. From what we can see she's shocked at how much shoes cost for the boys now. Wait until the boys all 5 of them are growing out of shoes and clothes every few months. Wait until the boys are eating like teenage boys! What happens when YouTube isn't a thing...what happens when 7 kids need braces...I swear Jess wasn't told the story about the Grasshopper and the ant as a kid.
I'm still trying to get caught up and haven't watched the vlog l, yet. But I can't believe that she would express how expensive shoes are when she just dropped $600 on a mirror.

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Re: JesssssFam: Addie Whining, Bad Driving & Poor Timing (Pt

Postby MamaJoAnna » Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:37 pm

RIP Dad - 09/30/2017 :angel:
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