LoraandLayton Part 3

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Re: LoraandLayton Part 3

Post by AutumnLane »

Why are they always moving they literally move like multiple times a year.

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Re: LoraandLayton Part 3

Post by Momto3boys »

She had the baby Lyla Jade is here
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Re: LoraandLayton Part 3

Post by vonniebeth »

I felt like Lora's pregnancy lasted like three years because she announced the gender and name so early (disregarding the fact that Lyla-Jade was also born 11 days past her due date).
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Re: LoraandLayton Part 3

Post by Chatabox »

She was actually 42 weeks and a few days. Her midwife decided at the last minute to push her due date back a week, so she wouldn’t be scheduled for an induction.
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Re: LoraandLayton Part 3

Post by shortstop »

I’m not one to say anything about the kids looks but Declan needs a hair cut.
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Re: LoraandLayton Part 3

Post by GGF1987 »

What makes her think this is at all safe? I gasped when I saw that! So so so much wrong with this picture!
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