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Daily Typhoid Lannings (Part 76)

Re: Daily Typhoid Lannings (Part 76)

Postby sammibro » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:41 pm

amykay wrote:Can we just take a minute to talk about Missy's pigtails... didn't realize she was 4 years old.

It's hard to pull of a 4 year old's hairstyle when you look 84.

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Re: Daily Typhoid Lannings (Part 76)

Postby hey girl hey007 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:56 pm

Jesus Christ. In that screenshot someone posted Missy's face looked horrible. Her face looked like it was going to crack and that's because it's so wrinkly! With all the money they have you'd think they would invest in a moisturizer Missy could stand or get her some botox. That can not be fun! Maybe Bryan knows Missy looks like shit so he kisses her ass and tells her constantly how beautiful she is so he doesn't feel bad about herself.
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Re: Daily Typhoid Lannings (Part 76)

Postby twinklepink88 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:01 pm

I'm torn between liking the fact that they are at least *finally* taking their "world traveling" outside of the USA, but then feeling aggravated because they are, for the most part, traveling like "stereotypical American" ignorant fools! Ugh. Sorry to all the Americans on here who are not like that, but there *is* a stereotype (and being Canadian in Australia, I cop it a lot and then get "Oh, I'm so sorry!!" when they find out I'm Canadian >.<).

I can understand devoting one day to seeing the location of your favourite book/movie, but are they going to just spend every day in London visiting various Harry Potter locations? I liked seeing the Warner Brothers studio (alas, when I was in England, it wasn't open to the public yet). At this rate I'm surprised they didn't decide to tack on a 1 day trip to Edinburgh just to see the city & Cafe where JK Rowling wrote the novels. And all this Harry Potter touring is especially crazy considering they live like right next to that Harry Potter world (which omg I would die to go to..but not gonna spend that much $$$ to drag my poor husband across the world just to see it, because, you know, that would be ridiculous)

Totally agree with the person who said they should name their vlog "family trapped in hotel room", or something like that. Finding "authentic" places to eat is probably the best thing about traveling, especially if you are otherwise just basically hitting all the tourist locations. It's the easiest way to personalize and add character to your travels! Again, like ignorant fools, it doesn't seem like they *want* their trip to be anything other than taking a picture in front of famous locations, and then going back to their hotel to eat the same boring food and shove more candy in their toddler's face.

Anyway, I'll be interested to see if they go one day in London without mentioning Harry Potter :\
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Re: Daily Typhoid Lannings (Part 76)

Postby jaynshann » Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:08 pm

Cgl33 wrote:I don't know if Missy just can't hide her boredom or if she wasn't trying to. Geez, try to act a little less annoyed. It was obviously a big deal for Bryan to see all of the HP stuff.

I get the feeling she is used to more space and breaks from Bryan. It looks like when he keeps talking to her she is OVER him. Lol. In all fairness to her, he seems like he has one of those personalities that would be exhausting in more than just little broken up amounts. I have watched them from the beginning (pre-Oliver) days and he's become way more grandiose and commands a room way more. He used to be more chill. I think Missy is used to her day with her boys in the yard and at swim etc. seperate from Bryan. There was something less annoying about Bryan for me today. He was a little dare l say "cute" with his enthusiasm over the Harry Potter tour. In his way way early vlogs he talked about Harry Potter books being his safe place and escape from the abuse & alcoholism in his house. Credit to him he found a healthy and clean way to escape and cope with the chaos in his life at such a young age.

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Re: Daily Typhoid Lannings (Part 76)

Postby MamaJoAnna » Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:33 pm

RIP Dad - 09/30/2017 :angel:
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Re: Daily Typhoid Lannings (Part 76)

Postby twomommies » Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:35 pm

tintin15 wrote:Hey, dont insult Hufflepuffs! I'm a Hufflepuff lol. Bryan's a Ravenclaw because he paid the sorting hat to let him in.

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Hey hey hey, I'm a Ravenclaw. He's a Poserpuff

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