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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:17 pm
by GymChick
Julia and her partner drew live in a "tiny home", a trailer they renovated. They both work for themselves- drew in filmography and Julia does hair. She is very crunchy and into healthyhippy lifestyle. Julia and drew were never planning to start a family and her first YT-mommy video is titled "holy shit I'm pregnant!" Her honesty about becoming unexpectedly pregnant was refreshing. She also was against taking the glucose test while pregnant, but took it in fear of the "haters"- because she believes she is healthy enough to "know" that she wouldn't have GD- after she took the glucose test she ranted about it a bit and regretted it. Their little girl is a month old and is named " Rockie Soleil". They wants to keep living tiny with the baby but are also realistic with the fact they could totally ditch the lifestyle of it becomes too tough. She cloth diapers, they have chickens and a garden. I am not sure if she has brought up the topic of immunization a yet, not sure where she stands. ImageImageImage