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Re: LDS Thread

Post by Guest » Sat Aug 24, 2019 11:29 am

HelloSweetie wrote:
Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:58 pm
rdt1004 wrote:This threads been dead for a while, but I wanted to bump it and share this video from a pair of exmormons who I've recently subscribed to on youtube. Their channel name is Zelph on the Shelf and they're two young exmos who just make videos about their experiences and reading lds articles and news. This video is on 2 dating tips they have for exmos and a little insight on the indoctrination on getting married asap and how the churches really pushes that.
The push to get married quickly is 100% to grow the membership as quickly as possible, and to discourage any outside exploration that may lead the youth to question the church’s authority.

Staying in the bubble and around “positive” influences is easier to manage.

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this is from soooo long ago but as someone who used to to be lds YES THIS IS TRUE... when i graduated high school my community wanted me to go on a mission trip or basically start the process of getting married. its how they control you, they get young people before they're even able to get out in the world. ive watched people be discouraged from going into college right after high school because there's this fear that young people are "lose in the faith" and can easily be jaded if exposed to non lds situations which is why in my community girls would graduate high school and volunteer while still living at home, theyd eventually get married, have their first child and THEN go to school. they want you buried in the faith before they feel its socially acceptable to let you mingle with those outside. extremely isolating and it's so common you dont even realize that's what they're doing while they're in it. and if they do go to college? it's literally one of two schools and those schools are normally packed with lds members and kids and some of the professors are lds as well. not to give away my location but the school i was ushered to go to was mainly LDS, for profit and i had so many evangelical studies requirements it almost matched my regular classes. basically half and half
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