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paukstukas wrote: Sun Jan 30, 2022 8:42 pm Does anyone have a link to share?

If anyone wants invites to the discord group where the chat is happening go to reddit group YT vlogger families. Search discord

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Re: It's NOTOkBaby!

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I haven't bothered to watch them in the last 2 years and just today their most recent video came up for me so I went down that rabbit hole for several hours and now I have a lot to say so I'll be writing up an essay. Sorry in advance lmao.

WOW, what a trainwreck! But I can't say I'm really surprised either. I thought it was pretty obvious from day one that Oscar and Kyra weren't very compatible or all that into each other. If it weren't for the pregnancy, they would have had that short fling and went their separate ways.

I'm a little surprised that the separation is a result of Kyra cheating though. No doubt that she is a colossal piece of shit who is capable of that and worse... but in what world does someone who looks and acts like her cheat on a guy like Oscar?? He's not a particular catch but he is somewhat attractive (better looking than her, imo) and he's at least got some redeemable qualities. It's one thing to recognize that they don't love each other and to part ways but another for her to straight up cheat. Mighty ballsy of her to think she could do better than him.

I remember when people thought that Oscar would be the one to cheat. I guess I never saw that happening because, despite all of his other flaws, he seemed to take his responsibility to his children seriously. Oscar has done some questionable things as a parent, especially when it comes to the children's safety.. but not being an absent or deadbeat father seems important to him. Maybe stemming from his own upbringing, being raised by a single mother and all. I do think he genuinely loves his kids and wants to give them a life of stability - hence why he put up with Kyra for as long as he did and continues to be civil enough with someone like her.

Like, the whole marriage issue. Oscar would claim that marriage didn't really matter to him but I think it actually does mean a lot to him. I think he's actually kind of a traditional guy and wanted to do it "the right way" with the right person. If it truly didn't matter to him, he would have married her by now just to shut her up. In fact, I think marriage is more important to him than it is to her because she just wanted to check it off a list of things to accomplish. She liked the idea of marriage but not marriage itself. So, I do think they would have eventually broken up anyways... but I don't think It would be because Oscar cheated.

You know, It's interesting how much this situation mirrors BritneyandBaby's with her ex, Ian/Ean. Both Britney and Kyra had troubled relationships with one parent growing up, got pregnant as teens, seemed like good mothers in the beginning, kept having babies that their partners weren't completely on board with, wanted marriage for the wrong reasons, cheated on their boyfriends, and have been on a downward spiral ever since. They both even made sit down type of videos with their baby daddies to make it look like the separation was a mutual decision. I don't think Ian knew at that point what Britney really did and I wouldn't be surprised if Oscar is still learning new things.

Last I checked, Ian has happily moved on with his life and is in a stable relationship with a seemingly really cool and down to earth girl. He's living his life offline like he wanted to and is a loving and involved father to his children. The trash (Britney) took itself out of his life and he's living his best life. Whereas Britney finally got what she wanted - marriage (shotgun!) but it's already broken and it's to some loser scumbag who looks like discount Mr. Clean.

Britney lost and so will Kyra.

And to clarify - I don't think Oscar and Ian are completely blameless in everything. I think they were both really stupid for continuing to have kids that they were hesitant about with women they were clearly unhappy with. Kyra and Brittney are assholes and even if their reasons for marriage are superficial, they still deserved partners that were serious about them and on the same page about marriage. Just like Oscar and Ian didn't deserve to get cheated on, gaslit, and publicly humiliated.

Both of these doomed couples should be a cautionary tale of what happens when you try to water a dead plant or try to force two wrong pieces of the puzzle to fit together.
And the true tragedy of it all is the innocent children who are in the midst of it all.

Hmmm, I keep reading about some Corinna girl that he's been hanging out with (Side note: Isn't Oscar's mom's name also Korinna or something? Ew) but I really hope that he doesn't rush into anything right now. He should really be focusing on bettering himself and being there for his kids in what is, undoubtedly, a very turbulent time in their lives. I'm rooting for Oscar to come out on top and find something meaningful with someone that lasts.

Oh, and this Keren/Kyra drama. I see that Oscar and the kids had been visiting them and that Keren and Khoa are supportive of Oscar. Idk about Khoa but Keren is such a nasty bitch that she could care less about Oscar or his kids and just wants to stir the pot with Kyra. Kyra and Keren are the same shitty person and I hope Oscar recognizes this. Idk.. maybe it's a matter of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" or something
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Re: It's NOTOkBaby!

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Latest sighting of Preston Smith & Kyra Smith….
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