Chloe and Beans | Part 9

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Re: Chloe and Beans | Part 9

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spoiled2bits wrote: Fri Aug 25, 2023 3:07 am Another pregnancy omg.
That's fortunate, she was in danger of not having any children under two years old. :|
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Re: Chloe and Beans | Part 9

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10 kids can you imagine! They do seem a bit better than most of the family bloggers/influencers but all those kids can’t be having enough attention.
She’s going to be in for it in the teenage years.
What do they actually do for money? That bendy beanstalk can’t make
Much money and they don’t do adverts and the YouTube can’t be paying much.
That just bought a house how?! Is the Australian assistance/benefits that much ?in the uk it’s capped at 2 kids

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