Sam and Nia: Oils Scams and Losing Fans! | Part 8

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Re: Sam and Nia: Oils Scams and Losing Fans! | Part 8

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baskinrobbins wrote: Thu Aug 10, 2023 2:19 pm OK this sub is super dead but can we talk about the post on their latest IG? From IG user christinerenner30: "Did you tell her what REALLY happened on the missions trip Sam? Bet ya feel better confessing your "flirting" to her, but we BOTH know it was a LIIIITTLE more than that.😂 She has no idea you haven't changed a BIT since Trisha. You better tell her the whole truth before someone else does....👀"


I know Sam's gone to three mission trips now, which is crazy already to leave her with four kids, but if any of that is true, this is totally unacceptable. WHERE are Nia's friends in all this? Just watching it play out???

I havent watched them in YEARS, but with all the 8 passengers stuff, it made me think of sam and nia. a few weeks back i came here to see there werent any updates and i tried to look through their videos, but they were way too boring and i was too far behind. then tonight i see this and i made a ytmd account just so i could respond. i used to always come here to get updates when i first got sick of watching. lol! :D

has sam cheated again?? is that comment the only source of that info or will i see more if i dig enough? can we please get this thread on fire again?? :lol:
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