Would you let a stranger meet your baby?

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Would you let a stranger meet your baby?

Post by fossilfinger »

My husband's aunt lives across the country from us and is in a LDR with someone who lives even farther away from both her and us. She met him online and has only met him in person once. When our baby is born, she says she plans to come out and visit us a couple months later and meet up with her SO while she is here, assuming they're still together then and he can travel here at the same time.

I am really uncomfortable with this. The way she phrased things, she plans on bringing him along to everything, so that would include meeting our baby. Obviously, our baby is going to meet strangers just being out and about and I can't shelter her from everything, but I don't feel right letting him see her in an intimate setting like our home. If they had been together and known each other in person for several months, I would have less of a problem with it, but she doesn't even really know him herself! This will theoretically only be the second time they meet in person.

How can we delicately tell her that she can meet our baby, but that we don't want her SO to tag along? Or should we just agree to meet them at a restaurant or something? I wouldn't really feel comfortable doing that, either, but it would be better than him coming to our house.

Would you feel uncomfortable in this situation?
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Re: Would you let a stranger meet your baby?

Post by Kryptonite »

That's a tough situation. I would definitely feel uncomfortable - and not even because of the baby!

If I were in your shoes, under normal circumstances, I would've assumed that a person visiting the baby would bring along their significant other of several months.

The fact that their relationship remains mostly online and will continue to by the time your baby is born changes everything. šŸ˜¬

I would kindly explain to her that you feel uncomfortable meeting someone you don't know so soon after having a baby (I realize it'd be a few months, but still...) Tell her that you'd love to meet him one day but you'd rather keep the meeting to close family and friends until the baby is older.

If you're forced into meeting him, I'd definitely make sure that it's a public place where you can control the environment and leave if you need to.

The fact that she's already including him in her travel plans and has only met him once is concerning.
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